Vladimir Feywind

A travelling acrobat who accidently got tangled up in the dealings of the Cult of Torog


Character Name: Vladimir Feywind

Player Name: Chase Mackenzie

Class: Rogue level 2

Paragon Path: None

Epic Destiny: None

Race: Eladrin

Size: Medium

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 158 lb

Alignment: Unaligned

Deity: None

Company: None


ABILITY                    SCORE                MODIFIER

Strength                    14                        +2

Constitution             11                        +0

Dexterity                  18                        +4

Intelligence              17                        +3

Wisdom                     13                         +1

Charisma                  15                         +2


DEFENSE              SCORE             NOTES

Armour                   17               +2 vs Opportunity Attacks

Fortitude                13

Reflex                     17

Will                          14               +5 to resist charm effects





MAX HP     Bloodied     Surge Value    Surges/day

   28            14                7                 6






+2 DEX, +2 INT                  First Strike                                            Backstabber

+1 Will defense                  Artful Dodger                                        Jack of All Trades

Fey Origin                          Rogue Weapon Talent

Fey Step                            +2d8 Sneak Attack

Longsword Proficiency          +2 Reflex defense


Low-light vision


LANGUAGES: Common, Elven


SKILL                           MODIFIER

Acrobatics                   +10

Arcana                        +8

Athletics                      +8

Bluff                           +8

Diplomacy                   +5

Dungeoneering            +4

Endurance                   +3

Heal                           +4

History                        +8

Insight                        +7

Intimidate                   +5

Nature                         +4

Perception                    +7

Religion                       +6

Stealth                         +10

Streetwise                     +5

Thievery                       +10



Riposte Strike              Fey Step                          Blinding Barrage        Great Leap

Sly Flourish                  Positioning Strike


SLOT                 NAME                                   NOTES

Weapon          Shortsword

Weapon          Dagger x 5

Weapon          Sling (bullets x 17)

Weapon          Shuriken x 20

Armour           Leather Armour









ITEM                                  WEIGHT

Leather Armour           15 lb

Dagger x 5                 5 lb

Sling                          -

Shortsword                  2 lb

Backpack                    2 lb

Bedroll                        5 lb

Flint & steel                 –

Belt pouch                  1/2 lb

Rations x 10                 9 lb

50 ft of hemp rope       10 lb

Sunrod x 2                   2 lb

Waterskin                    4 lb

Sling bullets x 17          5 lb

Thieves' tools               1 lb

Grappling hook             4 lb

Hammer                      2 lb

Pitons x 10                  5 lb

Shuriken x 20              2 lb

Mysterious dagger        1 lb

Signet ring of Pelor       -

Money: 16 gp, 9 sp


Total Weight: 74.5 lb

Normal Load: 140 lb

Heavy Load: 280 lb

Push or Drag: 700 lb



Crescent-shaped tattoo on right cheek (emblem of lineage)

Piercing green eyes (no pupils)

Long-ish blond hair, kept in braid (similar to Edward Elric of FMA)

All the fingers in left hand are 3 inches too long (mark of the Raven Queen)


Values own life, will not take unnecessary risks

Has a general aversion to lemons following his stay in the Three Lemons Inn

Clams up and tries to change the subject when his lineage or tattoo is brought up, becomes angry if subject is pushed

When pushed, he will revert to a combination of instinct and training, completing the current task with precision and brutality



Name                           Notes

Marcus                   Employed me for the Three Lemons Inn job, a paladin of Pelor, hails from Peladius.  Last seen at the Mare's Head Inn in Whitebridge.

Alissandra              A lady of the night employed at the Mare's Head Inn.  She has taken an unnatural liking for me.  Saved her from a nest of ettercaps and left her in the church of Pelor in Heathrow.

Terkarr Ashmaw      A dragonborn I met in the woods surrounding the tomb of the Raven Queen.  He is strangely   attached to the treasure chest (empty) that he carries around.  I still don't fully trust him.

Gidbinn                An eladrin who recently overcame an addiction to deathweed.  Claims to be a lot smarter than i judge him to be.  He is over a century old but acts like he is 12.


Named after his father, he is the son of Lord Vladimir Feywind.  He hails from the city of Delran, a city that sits on the border of the Material Plane and the Feywild (though more in the Material).  Lord Feywiind is master of the city and the lands that surround it and he rules it in a strong, militaristic fashion.  It was prophecised to Lord Feywind that the son born on his 150th birthday would carry on his greatness.  Vladimir was that child.

From his youth onward, Vladimir was trained in the arts of negotiation, stealth, assassination, and war.  He was groomed to lead the Nightwind black-ops division of his father's army.  He was highly dedicated in training, though always one to do things his own way.

At age 16, Vladimir was assigned his first mission.  Leading a group of 5, Vladimir flawlessly executed the assigned assassination and information retrieval.  Though the mission went off without a hitch, Vladimir was nowhere to be found afterwards.  He had ran away to complete his training and create his own name (though he has not disowned his father).  He now travels the world as an acrobat, though his skills are often sought as a mercenary…or assassin.


-Defeated the cult of Torog in Lemmondale alongside Marcus.  Recieved the Signet Ring of Pelor and the Cursed Dagger.

-Escaped a mob of torch-wielding villagers in Whitebridge (thankfully they can't remember what I look like)

-Unbound the Cursed Dagger from my soul.  Had all the bones in my left hand replaced by the Raven Queen.  I now am "employed" by her until I work off my "debt"

-Rescued Alissandra from a nest of ettercaps alongside Terkarr and Gidbinn.

Vladimir Feywind

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